"The Eminent 310 Unique is a home electronic organ that was built and introduced in 1972 by the Dutch organ manufacturer Eminent Orgelbouw B.V] in Lelystad, the Netherlands. It was the first organ to include a string section, making it the first commercial polyphonic string synthesizer on the market.

It is prominently featured on Jean Michel Jarre's albums Oxygène (1977) and Équinoxe (1978).

The technology for the string section was later licensed to ARP, who released the ARP String Ensemble,

which saw wide use in popular music." WIKI

Eminent 310 U for Halion 6.


Leo pard:

I love it! it's so close to the real deal. Thank you so much!!!!

Vladimir Q-Trinity:

Very nice sound! And part from 9:39 is incedible!


Fantastisk bra jobb du har gjort. Gratulerer!!!

LG, Juergi:

Hi Peter,
Great stuff. Was hunting for Jarre sounds for quite some time.
Got it working with TX16. Have now to dig into it more.
Thanks a lot already.


In autumn 2015 I bought a Eminent 310U. I was a happy man. It was the right Jarre sound that I had hunted in various plugins. But I missed that one could quickly change in what had been recorded without having to record the whole effort again. I had just gotten reason 9, and there was a plugin called Combo 310 Unique Organ. It was a very nice interface and fairly sound, but stringer part failed bravely.

I thought there had to be better. And then I started (if I had known then how much work lay ahead, I would never have done it).
My first requirement was that the sound quality should be top notch. So I decided that it should sample at 24-bit / 96 kHz. In addition, having the noise removed. With RX3 and x-hum succeeded after many tests.

There should also be made a plan of the sampling process and then sampled. Then there should looped endlessly - especially at the samples with modulation.

Then I became very happy with Wavelab 8.5.

Since I had sampled all the sounds (Cubase 8.5) and looped, should I decide which Samplers I needed. My first choice was Kontakt 4, which I borrowed from a friend. I made some patches there, but was not satisfied.
My choice fell on UVI Falcon. There was a tough learning process. Falcon lost and some of the macro options. Then I made them Presence XT (Studio One V3), with the editor that can be purchased. Then I made it to TX16Wx, which is a free sampler for Mac and PC. I wish I had been able to make the organ for EXS24, but I do not have a Mac.

Before I finished, Halion 6 arrived. It is indeed a pleasure when you do not just figure out how to program in LUA language. You can drag and drop your buttons and make a lot macro. AND IT WORKS. There is both patches and vstsound. The latter is almost come to resemble and function as a VST instrument. There have been many setbacks along the way. 

Then there were a lot of corrections and fine tuning. Thanks to "Stralner" for inputs and tests.

EDIT 2018: After only having sold 10 copies in 1 year and I have had some problems with my website (mcpersso310u.com) + that my wife has got cancer, I am upload it for free download. I don't have the strength in the moment. You may share it with others. Copy and share.

For easy dwonload use the Free Download Manager:



3 files which contains:



1 Demo video (Halion 6)
68 organ patches for Halion 6.
23 Organ multi patches for UVI Falcon.
17 synth patches for UVI Falcon.
58 Kontakt 4 patches.
50 organ patches for TX16Wx.
5 Daw setups for Cubase.
13 Daw setups for Studio One v3.

- 2.9 GB



1 organ vstsound set (VSTi) for Steinberg Halion 6.

– 2.0 GB.



1 organ soundset for Presonus Presence XT.

– 2.5 GB. (Presonus Studio One V3)



NZB File

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Light version for Korg M3:


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